Air Conditioning Tips & Tricks

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning systems need regular maintenance. This is the best way to prevent breakdowns and to save money on electricity bills. Coolant checks are especially imporant but the filters, ducting, themostat, fan operation are important to keep an eye on.

About 10-Warranties

10-year equipment warranties are standard in the industry. However with high use and poor maintenance the system might fail in just five years. To reduce your risk KD Mechanical offers extended warranties on both parts and service.

Dirty AC Drain Line

The condensate (cool water from the coils) line needs to be kepy clean. The Gulf Coast humidity breeds all sorts of mold and slime. When this gunk dries out over the winter, it often causes clogs. If this goes unchecked a blocked line can damage parts in your system.

Duct Cleanliness

Dirty ducts impede air flow and this leads to inefficient cooling and also wear and tear on the system. Dirty ducts also catch and breed allergens, especially mold. 

Emergency Power

Immediately after a hurricaine there is hot humid air and, when the power goes out, a super uncomfortable situation. It’s vital that the generator is balanced with the power requirement of your system. A simple calculation can tell you if your backup power system meets your needs.


It’s vital that your heating system is checked every fall as hearting symproms become dirty for all sorts of reasons; dust, insects, mouse droppings, debris. Filters can fail. Always check the filter every year. When it comes to energy efficiency, a clean system will always lower your energy costs

HEPA Filters

We strongly recommend that your intake system has a HEPA filter. This will remove, dust, pollen and mold. Your home will need much less dusty and your family will breath better during alergy season.

How Does Financing Work?

Through our long-term relationships with finance companies, KD Mechanical can make financing a new system supper simple. It’s way cheaper than a credit card, for example.


Refrigirant imbalance occurs when the system is leaking coolant. Even a tiny leak will degrade system performance over time. These include:

  • Poor cooling
  • Extra wear on the compressor
  • A hotter compressor
  • Higher electric costs
  • System failure

Sign up for our maintenance plan and we’ll keep you in tip top shape.

Thermostat Settings

Adjusting your thermostat even one degree can yield significant cost savings. Try moving the tempature in one degree increments and see if anybody notices. If you’re a commercial business than this is even more important.

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